How to make a payment?


There are three different ways to make payments:

  1. The quickest way is to drag the money from the balance bubble to a contact on top of the screen. The contacts will open as you start dragging. After the payment template opens, insert the amount you want to transfer. Insert a description or if needed change the payment date. Payment date is today’s date by default. Then tap “pay” and move to the confirmation page. Finally, review and confirm the payment with your poco code or fingerprint.
  2. Another option is to click on Pay in the menu and push “New payment”. Then simply select or insert a contact and proceed in the same way as above.
  3. If the person you want to pay is in the same location as you and they’re using Pocopay, we recommend the third way to make a payment. Drag the bubble to the QR icon on top of the screen – the QR scan camera will open. Ask your friend to open their QR code from their profile and then just scan the QR code. You will get the contact field pre-filled to just insert the amount and confirm your payment.