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Powerful banking account

Pocopay has a powerful range of features for making everyday banking easier. Just don’t let the beauty and simplicity of the Pocopay app fool you into thinking it lacks the punch.

With the Pocopay contactless MasterCard you can make purchases in shops and online stores and withdraw money from cash machines across the world.

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As simple as saying "Hello!"

What if you could transfer money to anybody, knowing only the recipients email address. Pocopay has made it happen. The good old IBAN works too – handy for paying your utility bills.

Easy payments. Seriously easy.

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Request money with only one touch

Ever took a taxi with a group of friends only to arrive at your destination, not knowing who’s gonna pick up the bill? Not you, surely!?

With Pocopay you can send a request to your buddies, allowing them to pay you back instantly. Here's to hoping they will.

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"Pocopay has gotten to the root of a great mobile experience making my daily financial operations - be it quick transactions or saving for that special trip - intuitive and playful. This is the way modern banking ought to be."

Mari-Liis, Tallinn

Your money is safe with us

Adaptive security

Our security process employs different authentication measures: password, one time passcode via SMS, application code. Proper measure is selected dependent on importance of activity.

Monitored and tested

We keep an eye on unusual transactions. We take care of security of our app and systems. To be sure, we do security tests ourselves, but also use qualified partners.


Pocopay as a payment institution comply with the EU regulations and are regulated and licensed by the Estonian FSA for operations in Europe.


"Finally! Sometimes when we’re running out for a quick lunch I forget my wallet to the office. Now I can send my lunch money to my colleagues while we're still standing in the queue. Easy!"

Jonay, Amsterdam

We want to make money matters as convinient and seamless as possible.