What is “Secure online payments”?



“Secure Online Payments”, officially known as 3D-Secure authentication, is an extra layer of security when purchasing something online with your Pocopay card.

When making an online purchase with the card, you authenticate online purchases with Pocopay mobile application.

You set up “Secure Online Payments” (3D-Secure) when activating your Pocopay debit card or can do it later from Card center.

If you purchase from an online store that does not have 3D-Secure enabled, the extra layer of security will not be applied.

Setup process:

  1. When activating your Pocopay debit card, you set up a “security phrase”, chosen by you, could be a longer word or a sentence.
  2. “Online Secure Payments” (3D-Secure) can be switched on and off from the cad center menu. Bare in mind that a lot of merchants are now requiring 3D-Secure to be enabled to purchase from their web store. Keeping it disabled might stop you from making online purchases at your favourite stores.
  3. You can’t view your phrase from the app, but you can always reset the phrase to a new one from your card center menu.

Payment process:

  1. You enter your card details at the merchant web store as usual and proceed to pay.
  2. A website by Pocopay with 3D-Secure window opens up where your security phrase is displayed, alongside with data about the purchase and an instruction asking you to open up the Pocopay mobile app.
  3. At the same time, your mobile app displays a screen with the same info and a button to confirm if the security phrase is the one you set up.
  4. You authenticate with your Pocopay passcode and the authentication is done.
  5. Finally, on your web screen, you can now tap “Back to merchant” button and you will be directed to the web store, completing the payment.