Pocopay 2.0

Pocopay 2.0 brings some big changes to the app – seeing contacts, changes in the main screen and lots of design improvements. Check out our latest updates.

Poco Community

You are now able to see your contacts who are Pocopay users and show others you’re a user too. You will also have a Poco Community under your profile (Me -> Poco Community) where you can see all your contacts who are Pocopay users and with whom transactions are instant.


Enjoy shortcuts? Dashboard gives you easier access to your profile, settings and everyday money matters. Dashboard also helps you to get to know the app better by introducing our latest features.


Make your profile look good. Now you can add a profile picture that other users can also see and you’ll see other user’s avatars if they have added it.

Do some good

Pocopay is supporting Rat Race’s this year’s charity. The aim of Rat Race is to bring the “office rats” out into the fresh air and through humour and fun promote charity and an active lifestyle. The NGO RuaCrew is being supported this year for volunteers program to prevent youth risk behaviour of 12-16 year-olds through individual support and a positive role model.

Make donation straight from your Pocopay app using this QR code or make a regular transfer:

ratrace 2017 QR code

IBAN: EE469999000010142354
Recipient: JCI Estonia Heategevusfond SA

Read more from here about this year’s event.


In case you’re into our poetry, then you can enjoy our latest updates with the following rhymes.

Pocopay 2.0

The sun is out
and there’s no doubt
that you’re gonna love our version two –
it’s got some new features that are really cool!

The dashboard will be your favourite new trick,
it’ll let you access everything really quick.

Check out which of your friends have Poco
and invite who is not – they must be loco.

Make an effort and take a really good picture
add this to your profile and make it even nicer!

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