Pocopay’s 1st year!

Pocopay was launched on February 4th 2016 in order to be a finance mobile app for young and innovative people in Europe. We made our service available for the Estonian, Dutch and Spanish clients. Finland was added to this list a bit later.

During this year, a lot has been done: child account, fingerprint validation for transactions, merchants solution, emotional GIFs and much more. At the same time, we started the creation of alternative financial services marketplace with the insurance broker IIZI and thereby demonstrating future developments.

Our CEO Indrek Neivelt summarized this last year: “Our first year was very eventful and interesting. Pocopay received a lot of recognition from technology professionals all around the world, who were impressed with our application, user experience and design. Therefore, back in June,  we decided to deal with technology sales and licensing also. Today, we have signed the first agreements, that are currently confidential.”

In conclusion, we have two major business lines today: product developing and serving our customers in the target markets, and also selling the licence of Pocopay’s technology on distant markets.


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