Your money matters Current account, MasterCard and mobile app

Pocopay is a beautiful current account application for people that are always on-the-go. It is easy to open, fun and secure to use. Always in your mobile. Everyday transactions are now quick and easy, so you could deal with things that are more important.

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Everything you need – just one tap away

All the necessary features are just one click away. Tap on the balance and choose what you want to do today: pay or request money, order card or control the card security, plan your money or even open an account for your children.


  • Best app Design and Security in Estonia 2016

  • From the people who built Scandinavian banks

  • European payment institution license

Contactless MasterCard to shop online and offline

You can order a Pocopay debit MasterCard with one click straight from the app. Manage your card security – change limits, allowed regions, if necessary block or unblock the card and turn on/off contactless payments.

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Mission and vision

“We believe that banking in the future will be significantly different than we are used to. We imagine an amazing mobile experience that’s user-friendly, engaging and priced in a fair way. Today, Pocopay is proud to give our customers such an experience.”

Indrek Neivelt, CEO of Pocopay